Exploring The Sustainability Of New Housing & Nursing Homes

Aging in place is a concept that has gained steam in recent years, particularly as COVID-19 caused people across the world to stay home for the sake of their health… and for their neighbors, too. Many are realizing the value of making their homes safer and more accessible. However, many do not realize the impact that aging… Read More

5 Influencers That Prove Social Media Has No Age Limits

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8 Athletes Over 60 That Are Our New Fitness Inspiration

Aging comes with preconceived expectations. Unfortunately, approaching senior status comes with stereotypes of fragility, fatigue, and a slower pace of life. While this may be a reality for some, it’s certainly not a defining trait of senior status. In fact, many seniors pick up the pace, and some even transform their life in a downright… Read More

Retirement In The 21st Century: What Has Changed And What Hasn’t

Once upon a time, retirement meant you were done working and ready to relax. However, changes in lifestyle trends have turned retirement into something else altogether. What does this mean for you? To figure it out, we’ll have to identify what has changed. These retirement trends are items you just may encounter in your own… Read More

Safety And Style Can Peacefully Coexist In These Awesome Home Upgrades

As our needs change over time, so, too, do our surroundings. A young toddler is often surrounded by bright and colorful toys, and seniors… well, many home upgrades and products offered to seniors have a starkly medical feel. What’s stylish about a solution that feels like it belongs in a hospital room? Nothing! Nothing makes… Read More

If You’re Retired, You Have To Take A Staycation ASAP

Once upon a time, retirement involved getting older, leaving the workplace, and moving into a nursing home. Fortunately, those days are long gone. Retirement is a period of adventure in one’s life, and it opens many doors for those with a taste for adventure. While some brave Boomers travel far and wide and even trade homes… Read More

When Boomers Trade Spaces: The Crazy New Trend That You Simply Need To Try

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The Many Health Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

Aches and pains are common in humans – from growing pains to aches related to arthritis, there are a number of things that can cause people of all ages to hurt. Back in the day, your mother may have sped up recovery by drawing you a bubble bath… and, as it turns out, she may… Read More