6 Top Communities Where You Can THRIVE In Place

If you have ever considered aging in place, then you have probably found yourself considering the overall livability of your community. Does your home, neighborhood, and community have the capacity to serve you, or is it best to relocate before you reach your golden years so that you may thrive in place? If you are… Read More

Multigenerational Homes Come With Endless Benefits, Studies Show

Ever heard of an in-law suite? Many homes feature additional spaces⁠—sometimes attached to the house, sometimes existing as a standalone structure⁠—that allow multiple generations of a single family to live together while still maintaining some independence and privacy. Also known as multigenerational units or granny flats, these additional spaces are particularly attractive to potential homebuyers.… Read More

Timeless Color Trends That Never Go Out Of Style

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6 Products To Improve Your Home’s Livability

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Boomers vs. Millennials: Who Is Redefining The Housing Market?

Millennials are perhaps the most talked about generation, and it’s truly no wonder. Not only are they one of the largest generations of adults at around 71 million members (compare to the famously population-heavy Baby Boomer generation, a group that’s 74 million people strong), but they’re also largely misunderstood and mischaracterized. This group, defined as… Read More

7 Home Trends That Should Be On Every Boomer’s Radar

Baby Boomers are typically defined as the generation born between roughly the mid-1940s and the mid-1960s, meaning that the oldest members of this generation are in their 70s. Whether you’re approaching retirement age or have surpassed it, you have probably considered if you can spend the foreseeable future in the same home. You’ll be relieved… Read More