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Timeless Color Trends That Never Go Out Of Style

October 25, 2023
Nikki Rhoades
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As time marches on, new styles come and go. Long gone are the days of psychedelic colors and lush shag carpet, and now we’ve succumbed to an era of modernism and clean, neutral hues with subtle pops of color. With things constantly going in and out of style, it can feel impossible to identify the timeless trends that will continue to impress your guests even as time puts your design to the test. Fortunately, there are a few color combinations that are truly timeless:

Black and white

Black and white, as you’ve surely noticed, has remained a favored color combination in indoor decor since circa the Roaring Twenties. This starkly contrasting combination is ideal for bathroom tiling and chic office spaces alike. For a modern twist, incorporate a fun, patterned wallpaper in these colors to infuse your space with visual interest.


Mocha and cream

Just as a cup of coffee seems to wrap your senses in a warm hug, this color combination infuses spaces with warmth and comfort. This is a sophisticated color scheme for bedrooms, and it is also offers a stunning way to make your guests feel right at home in a living room. In this color scheme, alternating shades of mocha offer a splendid depth to previously uninspired spaces.


Gray monochromes

While you may be seeing nothing but blue skies, a monochromatic space provides a perfectly zen milieu that’s ideal for unwinding. As gray is neutral, this color scheme works well for bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere else in your home. To add a dash of elegance to your gray space, consider adding metallic elements in shades of bronze and gold.


Earthy green and brown

Earthtones are timeless, and shades of green keep earning recognition as popular paint colors year after year. When paired with deep, rich browns, earthy shades of green can transform your space into an indoor oasis. Whether this is the color scheme of your bedroom or your bathroom, these colors become absolutely playful when paired with pops of coral.


Navy, linen, and yellow

This color scheme is an absolute breath of fresh air. Reminiscent of days at the beach and summertime picnics, these three colors are fun and playful without being in-your-face. Guest rooms in this color scheme are always darling and welcoming, and entertainment rooms and sunrooms decorated in these shades encourage fun times and good vibes.

Decorating can be frustrating due to the ever-evolving nature of color trends, but these five color schemes are tried and true. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom space but don’t want to redecorate, you may be delighted to know that Leaf Home Safety Solutions offers customizable showers that easily fit into your existing space. To find a color that works best for you, book your free estimate now.

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