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Safety And Style Can Peacefully Coexist In These Awesome Home Upgrades

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October 25, 2023
Nikki Rhoades
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As our needs change over time, so, too, do our surroundings. A young toddler is often surrounded by bright and colorful toys, and seniors… well, many home upgrades and products offered to seniors have a starkly medical feel. What’s stylish about a solution that feels like it belongs in a hospital room? Nothing!

Nothing makes your home feel less homey than accessibility solutions that feel… well, medical. Fortunately, there are many solutions that fit into your existing space and also come with a pleasant flair for the dramatic. 


Walk-In Showers

Navigating the edge of showers can be a challenge as your mobility needs change. However, low-entry showers are a great alternative! Shower surrounds from Leaf Home Safety Solutions (LHSS) fit into your existing space and come in a variety of colors to match your existing space. With a classy granite or tile feel, these heavy duty walk-in showers make your space feel modern and stunning.  

Walk-In Tubs

Want to feel like you’re sitting in a glass of champagne? Walk-in tubs provide easy access as well as hot tub-worthy relaxation. At LHSS, we set out to make our tubs stylish and functional. Heated seat options ensure you stay cozy and comfortable while you relax, and air and water jets provide luxury in the form of immersive hydrotherapy. 

Stylish Grab Bars

Grab bars tend to come in a generic stainless steel color… or, at least, they used to. Nowadays, you may be surprised to learn that grab bars come in a number of different metal finishes, and some even come in curved or squiggly designs! 

Stylish Wall Fixtures And Lights

Oftentimes, our vision does not age like a fine wine. In fact, many of us find that as our vision changes, so does depth perception. If you are concerned about falling, especially in the dark when your ability to see is compromised, there are many modern and stylish fixtures that can be installed. Nowadays, many lights can be activated via remote control… so the days of fumbling with the light switch can finally be put behind you!

A New Toilet Seat

Surely you’ve seen commode chairs – they’re lifted, stand-alone toilets that make lowering and lifting yourself easy. However, they’re not exactly stylish. Believe it or not, they make raised seats that provide a much less disruptive solution… in fact, many raised seats blend seamlessly with your existing toilet! 


Don’t let aging in place make your home feel like a hospital. Home is where the heart is, and it’s meant to feel warm, welcoming, and happy. How many of these home upgrades have you introduced into your own home? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Join the conversation on our Facebook page

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