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When Boomers Trade Spaces: The Crazy New Trend That You Simply Need To Try

October 25, 2023
Nikki Rhoades
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When our grandparents retired back in the day, they finally had an opportunity to kick back and relax. The goal was to take it easy, but retirement looks rather different today. Baby boomers once redefined what it means to be young… and today, they’ve turned retirement into an absolute adventure.Zip lining, kayaking, stand up paddleboard, and other unusual activities are attracting retirees, who are proving that sports and adventures know no age limits. But the newest lifestyle trend is almost unbelievable… Boomers are now trading houses!

Nowadays, there are actually apps and websites that allow retirees to connect with homeowners in other cities. Believe it or not, interested homeowners can trade houses for a set period of time and enjoy living in another city without incurring the costs of a hotel room. Additionally, this unique trend negates the need for a homesitter! 

Interestingly, many websites, like Home Exchange 50 Plus, offer stays both in the United States and around the world. Want to experience another country? With this program, all you’ll need to do is secure travel accommodations and a passport! You’ll also find other great home exchange websites and apps like:

If you’re a little reluctant to let strangers stay in your home, that’s 100 percent understandable. You might consider a staycation, which has endless benefits… especially if you have hotel-like luxuries like a Leaf Home Safety Solutions bathtub in your home! 

Regardless of how you choose to spend your golden years, there is a lot of value in incorporating a bit of adventure into your day-to-day life. It is important to remember that age is just a number – there’s no better time than now to live your life to the fullest! 

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