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6 Top Communities Where You Can THRIVE In Place

October 25, 2023
Nikki Rhoades
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If you have ever considered aging in place, then you have probably found yourself considering the overall livability of your community. Does your home, neighborhood, and community have the capacity to serve you, or is it best to relocate before you reach your golden years so that you may thrive in place? If you are considering the latter, you truly can’t go wrong with enjoying retirement in these pretty places:

Buffalo, N.Y.
Buffalo? Yes, retiring on the shore of Lake Erie is something few people consider, but this community certainly has its perks. Following the decline of industry, this community shifted its focus toward healthcare and research, and there’s an abundance of public transportation that makes getting around town a breeze. Plus, there’s a vibrant culture in this community, meaning you can spend your retirement attending arts festivals, musical performances, and sporting events. If you’re longing for something slightly more suburban, we can’t get enough of the nearby Cheektowaga community.
Boulder, Colorado
If you’ve never considered retirement in the Rocky Mountains, we respectfully ask you to think again. Boulder is well known for its superb quality of life, and it maintains a rich culture that focuses on the arts and sciences. Plus, the community maintains an extensive bus system, and the area airport offers easy transportation to your family members living out of town. If you’re not spending time enjoying the area’s incredible landscape via its parks and open spaces, you just might enjoy an opportunity to keep active by bicycling, a steadfast tradition even newcomers adore.
Arlington, Virginia
The community in Arlington County, Virginia is unlike any other. This self-governing community actually does not have any incorporated communities within its expanse, but what it does have is a rich history and culture. You likely know of this area for Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon, but this community has gained recognition in recent years as an ideal place to retire. Local culture is vibrant, and the area offers extensive healthcare resources.
Costa Mesa, California
Who wouldn’t want to retire in Orange County, CA? Costa Mesa is a name you’ve doubtlessly encountered over the years, but you may be surprised to learn that this coveted community is rather small with only around 110,000 residents. Aside from the allure of year-round mild temperatures, you’ll also enjoy abundant and easy-to-access shopping, annual fairs and cultural events, and events and performances provided by institutions of higher learning. Several bus lines serve this community, making travel a breeze.
North Bethesda, Maryland
If you’re not a fan of large cities, you just might fall in love with the laid-back atmosphere of the North Bethesda area. Around 46,000 residents call this pretty place home, and many of them utilize the metro stations to tour the community’s charming neighborhoods. This area includes hosts the headquarters for branches of the United States Public Health Service, as well as several nonprofits that provide volunteer opportunities and essential services. Much of this community once made up a tobacco plantation, a single moment in a well-preserved history that feels very much alive today.
Athens, Georgia
If you have never visited Georgia, you just might find Athens to be a pleasant surprise. The area hosts a rich history, much of which is preserved in its stunning architecture. The identity of this community is tied with the Georgia Museum of Art, and many unique items can be found here including the famous tree that owns itself. Golf is a cherished pastime here, and hiking is abundant in the greater area. Plus, winters here are mild and larger communities are just a short trip away!

If you have ever considered aging in place but feel that your own community is inadequate, you might enjoy spending your golden years in some of these enchanting communities across the nation. What would you add to this list?

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