Stair Lift & Mobility Solutions

To meet your unique needs, we offer a variety of customizable options such as power swivel seats and power folding footrests for both straight and curved staircases for indoor and outdoor spaces. Enjoy the home you love on every level with a stair lift solution from Leaf Home Safety Solutions.

stair lift installed along wooden steps

Comfort Stair Lift

Our standard stairlift model provides strength, stability, and comfort paired with upgraded features.

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    350 lbs Weight Capacity

    This upgraded full seat is adjustable to deliver on security and comfort

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    Comfortable Support Seat

    Enjoy added lumbar support and a thick seat cushion with tailbone relief

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    10.5” Folded Width

    Though this seat provides added space and weight capacity, it easily folds up to save room on your staircase

Photo of Leaf Home Safety Solution's SL600HD option for stair-lifts

Stair Lift HD

Our premium stair lift model supports weight up to 600 lbs, so you can sit back and relax while you enjoy your home on every level.

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    600 lbs Weight Capacity

    This stair lift is our strongest and most durable model, so you can access each level of your home with ease

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    Aluminum Grade Track

    Enjoy a super smooth ride thanks to our track with six points of contact in each gear

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    11” Folded Width

    You’ll have plenty of space on the staircase whether the chair is in use or folded away

Leaf Home Safety Solution's Helix Stairlift

HELIX Curved Stair Lift

Our curved stairlift model is custom made to fit into your indoor or outdoor space, so you can access every level of the home you love.

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    350 lbs Weight Capacity

    This extra tall seat provides added support without detracting from its comfort level.

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    72⁰ Incline Limit

    This powerful stair lift handles steep inclines, allowing you to effortlessly glide around curves.

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    Obstruction Sensors

    Your ride will stop automatically if an obstruction is detected in your path.

Additional Upgrades & Options

  • Photo of the rail installation of the stair-lift Solutions Installs Directly On Stairwell

    Unlike many stair lifts, ours installs directly on your staircase for stability and support.

  • stair lift installed along wooden steps Swivel Seat For Safety & Convenience

    Our chair swivels to provide easy access, whether you’re sitting down or getting up.

  • stair lift installed along carpeted stairs folded up in a stored position Narrow Profile

    Our stair lift features the narrowest profile available, providing extra space on the stairwell and folding away for convenience.

  • Photo describing how stair-lift will work when power is out Up To 60 Trips Per Charge

    No power? No problem! Our stair lift solutions can travel up to 60 trips per charge.

  • Image describing how stair-lift rails can be custom fabricated to fir your individual needs Fits Your Space

    Straight, curved, indoor, and outdoor options provide you access to any (and every) part of your home

  • stair lift and obstruction sensors beside a boot on stairways Safety Sensors

    You’ll stop automatically if your chair approaches obstructions of any kind.

Stair Lift & Mobility Solutions

  • Image of a vertical stair lift Vertical Lifts

    Vertical platform lifts offer you full access to your home and yard without the burden of transferring out of your power chair, scooter, or wheelchair.

  • Photo of a ramp traversing a set of stairs Mobility Ramps

    Single-fold and multi-fold ramps are perfect for residential use. You’ll enjoy easy access around your home with these useful accessibility solutions.

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