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If You’re Retired, You Have To Take A Staycation ASAP

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October 25, 2023
Nikki Rhoades
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Once upon a time, retirement involved getting older, leaving the workplace, and moving into a nursing home. Fortunately, those days are long gone. Retirement is a period of adventure in one’s life, and it opens many doors for those with a taste for adventure. While some brave Boomers travel far and wide and even trade homes with other retirees, there’s also great benefit to chilling out at home for extended periods. In fact, staycations (alternatively called a holistay) are growing in popularity.

A staycation is like a vacation, but at the end of the day you retire to the comfort of your own bed. It involves exploring your region and community like a tourist, embarking on day trips and indulging in delicious dining without the hassles of actual travel. Interested? Here are some great places that are worth exploring: 


Local Parks

Communities all around the world have splendid park systems that are worthy of exploration. Many have trail maps uploaded online, offering you the opportunity to hand-select the ideal route for you. When you’ve lived in place for so long, it’s easy to lose appreciation for your surrounding community – this adventure is an incredible way to rediscover what makes the local landscape so magical.

Area Wineries

Wineries are enchanting, and every single U.S. state has at least one. They are typically cozy, and many include their own vineyards with vibrant and delicious local fruits. The very best wineries offer their own selections to pair with the wine… sometimes it’s a full menu, other times it is simply tapas. Either way, wineries are a great way to get a taste of local culture!


Museums are a wealth of information… although they’re not always geared toward history or art. Your local museum just may house a unique collection – we’ve seen some weird museums that explore medical history, witchcraft, the history of cats, and even a Dr. Seuss museum. 

Cultural Hubs

Culture is at the heart of each and every community, and each unique destination has its own personality. Whether you’re swinging by a public park built to host a former World Fair or strolling through your region’s own version of Chinatown or Little Italy, you’re sure to adore immersion in whatever it is that makes your community so special.

Darling Communities

After you’ve explored your community, look around the regions for other destinations worth visiting. Is there a New England-style fishing village nearby? Maybe there’s a quaint country town just around the corner. Feeling daring? Traipse through a local town with an infamous haunted history, or swing by your state’s ghost towns.

Anywhere And Everywhere!

If anything, retirement shouldn’t slow you down. It’s an opportunity to unleash your inner self and enjoy life to the fullest! When you’re embarking on an area road trip, keep your eyes peeled for interesting places. When you see something fascinating, pull over! You just may discover your new favorite destination, and its proximity to home might surprise you. There’s a lot of value in exploring your region like a tourist, especially if you take family or friends along for the ride. 


There’s a lot of value in exploring your own community. In fact, you just may be surprised at what you discover in your own backyard! We’d love to hear about your own staycation discoveries on our Facebook page

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